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When it comes to showering Kim Kardashian West with presents, Kanye West spares no expense.

Since he and Kim became a couple back in 2012, he’s given her a staggering amount of jewels, jaw-dropping floral arrangements, and most recently, stocks.

replica hermes belt bag We have yet to see what West will give his betrothed in honor of their 4th anniversary on May 24 (might we suggest a public apology to all those he’s offended on social media? It’s free!). However, we’ve done our best to total up the combined cost of all the major gifts we’re aware of—let’s be honest, there are certainly a ton more that aren’t accounted for—from the beginning of their courtship to this past Christmas.

Scroll down to see Kanye’s most lavish gifts to Kim, and prepare to be shocked by the staggering final tab.

For Kim’s 32nd birthday in 2012, Kanye bought Kim a $35,000 Cartier bracelet during a trip to Florence. She showed it off on Instagram, naturally. “Rawr,” she wrote alongside the photo.

replica hermes belts One Cartier panther bracelet is definitely not enough. For Valentine’s Day 2013, Kanye gifted Kim yet another eye-catching bracelet. This priceless jewel is diamond-encrusted, includes emerald eyes, an onyx nose, and sits on a black cuff with a white gold trim. It’s estimated to be worth between $68,000 and $73,000.

birkin hermes bag replica If you thought Kanye was done giving Kim Cartier bracelets, think again. During a trip to Paris, Kanye bought the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star 5 more bracelets to add to her collection, which is valued at around $65,000.

replica hermes belt When Kanye proposed to Kim at the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium, he didn’t pop the question with just any ring. The rapper asked Kim to be his wife with a 15-carat D, flawless cushion-cut diamond ring from Lorraine Schwartz worth an estimated $2 million dollars.

kelly bag replica For Christmas 2013, West commissioned one of his favorite artists, George Condo, to customize an Hèrmes Birkin bag for Kim. Since it’s a one-of-a-kind accessory, the price is unknown, though the price of the bag rings in around $40,000.

Hand-Painted Hèrmes Birkin Bag

replica hermes canada Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of roses. And Kanye, being Kanye didn’t stop at just a dozen. In 2014, he sent Kim 1,000 red roses to celebrate. If the cost of a dozen premium roses rings in around $40, a thousand of the gorgeous long-stem flowers would total up to $40,000.

replica hermes taschen If you thought that 1,000 red roses were an extravagance, for Mother’s Day the same year, Kanye outdid himself by building his then bride-to-be a wall of white roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, which he had installed in their backyard. While we’re not sure of the cost of lavish gesture, we’d guess it’s at least $10,000.

Another Hermès bag

hermes belt replica On her 34th birthday, Kardashian has gifted another painted Hermès bag. However, instead of being customized by a famous artist, this one was the work of the pair’s daughter, North West. We’d estimate its value around $20,000.

Diamond Choker

After Kim gave birth to the couple’s son Saint, Kanye gave the star a stunning diamond choker as a push present. The gorgeous accessory is worth about $1 million.

replica birkin bag hermes price list For one of his Christmas presents to Kim in 2017, Kanye had her future in mind. He bought her stock in Disney, Apple, Adidas (which produces his Yeezy sneakers), and Netflix. While we don’t know how many shares he bought from each company, on her Snapchat she shared a glimpse of the amount he purchased from Disney and Adidas. West bought Kim 920 shares from the Walt Disney Company valued at approximately $100,000, and 995 shares of Adidas stock worth around $168,553 back in December, according to People. If the trend is accurate for the other two companies, it looks like he purchased around $400,000 worth of stocks.

While the public at large isn’t too happy with West at the moment given his wave of controversial comments (with good reason), you can’t say the man doesn’t treat his wife.

hermes bag price replica Is it just us, or is shopping for Father’s Day particularly hard? Either dad already has everything he wants, is unclear about what he wants, or is the type to simply go to the store and pick it up himself, leaving little choice for the rest of us searching for gift options. Your next move? Get to a department store. A fragrance in particular is one gift that will keep giving year-round, and is a way to treat dad with something pretty luxurious that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite fragrances and gift sets dad will appreciate—because, let’s be real, does he actually need another tie?

hermes bag replica I’ve been shopping consignment for as long as I’ve been able to say “Prada”. I have sites like The Real Real and Linda’s Stuff bookmarked on my computer and regularly check up on my favorite brands. Truth be told, I haven’t had one bad consignment experience in the past few years. Thanks to high-end consignment e-tailers, standards to sell products on these sites are high. Often times, shoes and bags come with dusters, dresses with tags still on, and jewelry with authentication papers.

Four years and one brick and mortar store later, the business is continuing to expand, CEO and founder Charles Gorra tells And it’s not necessarily in the most expected way.

“Since our launch in 2014, Rebag has had its roots online,” Gorra says. “However we had numerous requests by our customers to open stores.”

hermes bracelet replica Similar to other originally direct to consumer brands like Everlane, Warby Parker, and Glossier, Rebag knew quickly that offering a physical presence to their clients would offer something that even their state of the art site and the mobile app did not. In 2017, they opened their first store in the heart of SoHo.

hermes sandals replica “We are big fans of Casper,” Gorra tells us when asked about other direct-to-consumer brands he admires. “We aim to disrupt the luxury resale space in the same way that they reshaped the mattress market.”

hermes birkin replica Unsurprisingly, cult makeup brand Glossier is another brand they look up to. “[Emily Weiss and her team have] created a phenomenal engagement experience with their customers through their New York Showroom and San Francisco pop-up. We aim to generate a similar level of synergies between our online and offline platforms.”

replica hermes twilly Brands like Glossier, Casper, Everlane, and now, Rebag, have the opportunity to use cold, hard digital data to make decisions about their retail locations, which will ensure fiscal success; everything—from what color couch to buy to how many products to stock—can be looked at through a data lens, decreasing the risk of such an expensive endeavor as opening a retail location.

replica hermes birkin bag price “We waited to have significant data from the SoHo store before opening a new one,” Gorra says. This week, Rebag will open their second store, this time on Madison Avenue. “We queried our system and analyzed the purchasing patterns of our online customers in the neighborhoods [the stores are in]. This drove the merchandising of every store and determined the types of styles that they each feature.”

replica garden party hermes Rebag came on the scene in 2014, promising to be a platform for buyers and sellers to experience the most luxurious previously owned handbags. Gucci, Hermes, Chanel … this site has it all. And even better than it’s merchandise? It was/is so damn easy to use for both sellers and buyers. What set this site apart from its competitors was one unique point: unlike other sites, Rebag pays you up front. No waiting time.

hermes blanket replica The second brick and mortar store sits comfortably on the corner of 57th and Madison Avenue, a stone’s throw away from stores like Chanel, Fendi, and Saint Laurent. As in the SoHo store, customers can bring their pre-owned bags and received payment within one hour or less (!) for their products. And then? Well, then you can run down the street and treat yo’ self.

best hermes replica “Clients truly value the instant gratification that our 60 minutes purchasing process provides,” Gorra says of the aptly named “Rebag Bar”. “We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our transparent pricing and upfront payment model from the sellers.”

hermes bags replica So what’s the biggest difference between the online and offline experience? The eye-candy factor cannot be underestimated. Walking into a store anywhere in the world and seeing an entire wall of Birkin bags is a visceral experience for any serious handbag lover. But like most things in the retail world, it really goes back to the customer.

fake hermes belt “We strive to provide the same level of seamless buying and selling experience through both our online and offline channels,” Gorra says. He has noticed spending habit differences, however. “Online customers tend to spend more time researching a particular piece before they make the purchasing decision. Offline customers tend to make more spontaneous purchasing behaviors.”

replica birkin bag price In a world where we’re constantly told “retail is dead,” Gorra is out to prove the opposite: physical stores still matter. Need proof? Visit one of Rebag’s two retail locations in New York City. You be the judge.

replica hermes bag 2019 The bohemian trend is having another revival thanks to designers such as Natacha Ramsay-Levi at Chloé, Isabel Marant, and Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, whose effortlessly chic collections are infused with the carefree spirit that is “boho”. We are falling for the relaxed silhouettes, dreamy fabrics, and cool-girl accessories that these designers are offering to modernize the movement. What is the key to mastering this new bohemian look? Incorporate a few fundamental staples into your everyday closet that will keep you looking fresh and feminine all season long. Find our top 10 essentials below and get ready for a summer (wardrobe) of love!

replica hermes gypsy bag For years, celebrities have been making us jealous with their chic Hermès accessories, especially the Oran sandals. At one point, the $680 slides were like a right of passage for fashion bloggers. But now, we all can get the luxe look without whipping out the credit card, thanks to Steve Madden.

replica hermes birkin price Of course, there’s nothing like the real thing. The quality, impeccable design, and comfort you’ll get from the Hermès sandal make them a safe investment. But Steven (Steve Madden’s sophisticated sister brand) created a scandal that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a way to save, the look-alike costs less than $80.

hermes kelly replica And the Steven sandals are super easy to get your hands on. The only place you’ll find the Hermès sandals online is directly from the brand’s website (minus a few lucky re-sale sites here and there), because, luxury. But the Steven sandals are available at just about every big department store—like Macy’s, Dillard’s, Amazon, Zappos, Shopbop, and more.

hermes replica bags We have created a gift guide for your tech-savvy mom with items she will ACTUALLY use. For the moms who have adapted to the 21st-century technology takeover, these 16 gift ideas will make her day-to-day a little easier—even if you have to show her how to use them at first.

replica hermes picotin When it comes to aging gracefully, Iman is the O.G. So when she gives tips on how to do just that, we listen (and follow the advice immediately). During an interview with Taraji P. Henson for Harpers Bazaar, the stunning 62-year-old former supermodel revealed her top secrets for getting her fresh look, saying that she lives by the philosophy of “not giving a damn.”

replica hermes bag 2018 She also recommends taking care of your skin. To keep her in tip-top shape, the statuesque beauty swears by SK-II’s 3D mask. “Even if you’re tired or have a fever of 104 if you put this on you’ll look like you just stepped off a plane from Ibiza,” she said.

birkin replica Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. You’ve got bills and all types of grown-up issues on your plate. But when it comes to fashion, things don’t always have to be so serious, and the latest runway trends are proof. Lately, designers are infusing more playful pieces into their collections—think see-through jelly sandals and the once-embarrassing hair accessories that were huge back in the ’90s.

replica hermes side bag Don’t brush those unfortunate childhood trends off as unrealistic runway items. You can totally work the fun accessories into your 2018 look without being mistaken for a schoolgirl. Just take notes on exactly how it’s done below.

birkin bag hermes replica Sorry to burst your bubble, but spring isn’t here just yet, especially for those of us on the East Coast. Thankfully, we have all of the beautiful collections from Paris Fashion Week to cheer us up. Seriously, scroll through our favorite looks. It’ll put a smile on your face. The runways were filled with over-the-top coats, glamorous sweaters, and new trends that we can’t wait to test out.

So let’s turn lemons into lemonade on this snowy day and use the last couple of days of winter to get a head start on next year’s trends, explained below.

birkin bag replica Paris Fashion Week ended on Tuesday much as it began, with some fine displays of clothes, and worries about snow back home in New York. The weather has been a constant source of distraction during the collections, which is concerning because that usually means there hasn’t been all that much to talk about in terms of fashion.

replica hermes australia In Paris, the strongest shows were Balenciaga, Loewe, Alexander McQueen, Hermès, and Valentino. On the final two days of the collections, normally for showstoppers, the news was a little less headline-making, with beautifully wearable—if not necessarily headline-making—collections from Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Miu Miu was a pure delight, featuring an ode to the ’80s from Miuccia Prada, complete with acid-wash denim, mom jeans, and retro B-52s hairstyles. Prada’s Miu Miu collection is skewing especially young and fashionable these days, so it wasn’t such a shock to see both the opening and closing looks worn by Elle Fanning, who modeled in the super fun show.

kelly hermes bag replica Iman is the first to say that her ability to age gracefully goes much deeper than just the physical. The ex-catwalker has continued to show her staying power in the fashion world, racking up accolades like CFDA’s Fashion Icon award, and has a mantra for that as well. “I’ve always lived by the philosophy that in a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic,” she said. “True style is like a great black-and-white picture: It never looks dated.”

That means pulling out an Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo from her closet that she’s had for years and always having an Hermès bag on hand.

replica herme bag It is Iman’s style, grace, confidence and tenacity that has made her a force in the fashion world, even when she was just starting out in the business. Speaking about those early days, the mom of two opened up about the changes she has seen in the modeling industry, saying that when she first started, “some casting agents had the audacity to say, ‘We’re not seeing black models this season.’ As if black is a trend.”

replica black hermes bag Still, she has noticed that there were more black models working then than there are now—an issue that she and other former supermodels are tackling head-on. “Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and I got together a couple of years ago to raise awareness about the need for diversity in fashion,” Iman said. “We talked about it in the press and to the CFDA, and I think we’re seeing the change on the runways and in campaigns.”

replica hermes usa McQueen’s Sarah Burton, however, left the biggest impression of all with a collection that incorporated prints and intarsia patterns based on butterflies and moths, as well as dresses encrusted with jewels in the shape of scarab beetles. These were hallmarks of Alexander McQueen’s work, and a natural for Burton to push forward with wonderful dresses that incorporated harnesses and wrapped fabrics in ways that looked remarkably well produced. Burton has had so many great shows, it seems condescending to suggest this one was one of her best, but, gosh, why did it feel so special compared to previous seasons?

replica hermes duffle bag For one thing, the clothes weren’t weird. Weirdness isn’t necessarily wrong in the McQueen universe, by any means, but sometimes the embrace of the macabre feels a little too narrowly directed toward the fashion elite. But here, the strange creatures looked lovely, as if enchanted in a masquerade ball, with gowns that trailed fringe and fabric and made wonderful impressions for the entire length of the show.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 For another thing, Burton knows her audience. On each seat, she had placed a cable knit sweater as a gift, with the name of the guest embroidered on its McQueen label. Editors are greedy, and love presents, even if there’s not a chance they will ever fit, weigh nearly three pounds apiece, and will likely cause the airlines to have a meltdown from overweight luggage that results as everyone begins to head home. Thanks, Sarah!

replica hermes birkin 35 Chanel’s theme for fall was fall, as in falling leaves, which covered the endless grounds of the latest Karl Lagerfeld joint. This one featured a mossy dirt runway and nearly barren trees, and fall colors incorporated into golden boots, rusty knits, and beautiful black dresses worn with pop colored gloves. It was a lovely, romantic collection, filled with things to buy.

replica hermes belt bag Similarly, Nicolas Ghesquière closed the season with a very shop-able Louis Vuitton collection at the Louvre, which reminded me more of the Marc Jacobs version of Vuitton than anything else Ghesquière has done there. By that, I mean the clothes were presented in a very grand way, this time on a set where the models descended a grand staircase into a sculpture garden, kept at some distance from the audience. But they were obviously rooted in pragmatic commercialism—a very American sportswear idea, with above the knee skirts, cute bomber jackets, and some killer shearling coats.

It didn’t exactly take the breath away. But it didn’t disappoint, either, which pretty much sums up the season as a whole.

As Paris Fashion Week enters the home stretch, we interrupt our normal runway coverage for a few important blind items:

replica hermes belts No. 1: Which multi-tasking Haute streetwear maestro, whose designs some say are a little “off,” is said to be about 99 percent likely to be tapped for the recently vacated men’s wear post of a marquee luxury brand at LVMH, and this despite the strong objections of its current women’s wear designer?

birkin hermes bag replica No. 2: Which industry darling who recently vacated his role as men’s wear designer of a marquee luxury brand at LVMH is said to be eyeing a similar role at one of its sister brands, with the expectation of taking over its women’s wear, too? (Hint: In this case, the LV stands for lily of the valley.)

replica hermes belt No. 3: Which astrologically inclined women’s wear designer at a luxury brand at LVMH could be taking a short journey in the near future – back to her home country where a sister house that hasn’t seen a creative change in decades maybe could use her help?

kelly bag replica Are you all caught up now, or just confused? Good. With speculation on the fate of so many designers and brands at a fever pitch this month – and I’m just repeating the gossip here – it’s actually becoming rather too much to hope anyone can just be happy where they are. But if the gods of LVMH human resources are listening, I’d like to make a simple request: Please let Jonathan Anderson stay at Loewe.

replica hermes canada Yes, I know there are bigger opportunities and fatter paychecks out there for qualified talent these days, but walking into the Loewe showroom on Saturday afternoon to look up-close at Anderson’s fall collection (shown on the runway at UNESCO headquarters the day before), it further impressed me just how marvelous his work continues to be. The first thing I saw was a small sculptural work by the Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo, whose grotesque microcosms combined plants, human body parts, and technology in frightening displays. In this one, from the 1970s, a phallus was symbolically wound in the brightly colored electrical cord. Though it was a small detail, the shape was echoed (less evocatively) in tightly wound cords that appeared through his collection.

replica hermes taschen Anderson’s Loewe is a rich, multi-layered affair. His clothes are ultimately beautiful objects that include both convention-challenging designs and classically desirable ones. In the former category, there were dresses with the tops and bottoms connected loosely by twists of fabrics and braids, leaving large portions of the body bared beneath. In the latter, in this show, were dresses that looked as if there were made of mille-feuille pleats, but in fact were painstakingly placed strips of leather that split apart to reveal bits of the cotton dress beneath. And coats that were so cute, like a brown woolen duffel with toggle buttons. And knits that were so desirable, like a navy mariner turtleneck.

hermes belt replica By this point in the fashion cycle, we’ve seen any number of trends taking shape: Neon accessories, T-bone shoulder pads, sporty parkas, ugly sneakers, and more of the clear plastic overlays on shoes and coats (like they are still in their protective coverings from the dry cleaners) that wins my vote for least desirable. I’ve been amused to see so many editors and street style stars attempting this freshly shrink-wrapped look at the shows only to appear to suffocate once under the hot lights of the runways. Is that wrong of me? Well, sorry, but it doesn’t take a genius to spot a fashion victim.

replica birkin bag hermes price list Much like a coveted pair of heels or a statement-making necklace, an iconic handbag is never just an afterthought-accessory. If you ask me, carrying around a classic Chanel or an undeniably exquisite Hermés is the equivalent to winning Miss America and the lottery on the same day. Seriously. Handbag. Lottery.

hermes bag price replica The attention to craftsmanship and quality make these pieces worth the investment. Plus, that thing cost per wear? These bags last decades and can be worn every day, making them solid investments. And speaking of investments … some of our favorite iconic handbags (ahem, hello Birkin!) have gone up in price dramatically over the years, making them, well, an actual investment.

hermes bag replica Thankfully, there are designers out there who still make clothes that are humane, at least in style if not in price. Watching the fall collection from Hermès, designed by Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, I had to be practically restrained from jumping out of my seat to rip the cashmere off their backs. On a runway set that resembled an enchanted forest, with crushed red rocks and spooky music, the models appeared perfectly poised and confident. After a few seasons where I’ll admit I had lost the script, I am fully back on board in terms of drooling over the riding coats, the black leather dresses – glossy, matte, pebbled, you name it – and the bright boots that looked so fresh. Also super smart were coats and sweaters designed with leather straps, like those of handbags, so they could be slung casually over the shoulder when it gets too warm, as often happens when today’s climate runs from hot to cold to hot ten times a day.

Jennifer Lopez took her East Coast style down to Miami for the week, stepping out on Wednesday for a chic shopping trip like only her majesty J.Lo can.

hermes bracelet replica Clad in a plunging black bodysuit with lace trim (shop a similar look here), medium-wash skinny jeans with gold buttons lining the pockets, and sleek black Monika Chiang ankle boots, Lopez gave Florida set a lesson in sexy street style.

hermes sandals replica Of course, Lopez accessorized with dark aviator shades and massive stud earrings—her go-tos, but she also added a gorgeous accessory we assume was worn for purposes of identification: a nameplate necklace spelling (what else?) “Jennifer.”

When J.Lo hits the shopping circuit, she doesn’t go unnoticed. Lest you have your doubts, just check her necklace and you’ll be reminded that Jenny from the Block is, indeed, in your midst.

This, my friends, is lesson #1 in learning to shop like the great Jennifer Lopez: Make Sure Everyone Knows Your Name.

J.Lo obviously has a lot to teach us about, well, life and everything in it, and certainly, when it comes to shopping etiquette, Jenny from the Block is the unrivaled expert.

Behold, the many lessons we’ve learned by following Ms. Lopez’s example.

May your next shopping trip be as fabulous as J. Lo’s Snapchat filter game.

hermes birkin replica Jennifer Lopez, Queen of Everything, spent her Monday in Beverly Hills on a casual shopping trip. Being the low-key, fanfare-free outing that it was, the singer accessorized accordingly with a massive fur stole, a pair of fringed Christian Louboutin ankle boots ($539;, and her signature oversized shades—you know, cash…

replica hermes twilly Lopez, in typical Monday fare, strolled up to Barneys with a sizable posse in tow—a mega superstar is nothing without her on-call board of sartorial advisors (and bodyguards), of course. Without them, how would a fashion moment as glorious as Lopez’s legendary 2000 Grammys gown ever come to be?

Grab Some Arm Candy

replica hermes birkin bag price Take us back to 2003, pop culture overlords! Oh, what a wonderful time that was. Though Queen Lopez typically steps out solo for her shopping trips these days, there is something undoubtedly glamorous about forcing your beau to tag along. (Bennifer [pt. 1] 4ever).

Pair Your Sweat Suit with a Birkin Bag, Cuz You’re J. Lo

replica garden party hermes Casual attire is okay in moderation (you’re still Jenny from the Block, after all), but make sure everyone remembers that you’re also the HBIC by pairing a low-key look with a high-class accessory, like this red crocodile Birkin bag (here’s a slightly more reasonable option from Saint Laurent: $2,890;

hermes blanket replica If the poncho had a contemporary celebrity spokesperson, it would be J.Lo. No one has fought harder on behalf of ponchos everywhere, and while we can’t see ourselves going poncho shopping in the near future, Ms. Lopez made (and continues to make) an excellent case for the ’70s staple.

best hermes replica Joseph Altuzarra, the New York designer showing in Paris for his second season, also got down to business with tailored suits, a great Prince of Wales check jacket with rosette embroidery, and numerous coats that could be transformed from full-length to bolero styles by unbuttoning the bottom halves. This happened to be a very long collection, with segues into knitwear trimmed in too much silver hardware for our modern metal-detector-security-screened lifestyles. But there were also fantastic coats with knit collars and a few easy dresses that played to Altuzarra’s strengths after nearly a decade in business.

hermes bags replica Anderson is an avid art collector and well versed in its history, particularly in ceramics and the Arts and Crafts movement. His references are challenging for the casual observer to deduce. But he is one of the rare designers who happily explains his work, and he seems eager to share his love of learning (guests at his show were given hardbound books from his Loewe reading list, which includes Don Quijote, Dracula, Madame Bovary, Heart of Darkness, and Wuthering Heights).

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were at it again this weekend, doing some last minute Christmas shopping in Miami, and holding hands all the while. Swoon.

The twosome made the rounds of the city’s tony Design District, stopping at such spots as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Loro Piana, and Burberry, among others.

fake hermes belt J.Lo looked every bit the ideal version of casual as she sported a graphic white sweatshirt and distressed jeans, which she dressed up with platform pumps, an Hermès cuff, and her signature hoop earrings. Plus, those mirrored shades, because of course, this is Miami after all. The songstress pulled her hair up in a tight topknot for the occasion.

replica birkin bag price Rodriguez, for his part, wore a tight gray T-shirt that showed off his toned physique (again, it’s Miami) with white jeans, untied sneakers, a gold watch, and black sunnies. He also clutched a bottle of water, because it’s important to stay hydrated while shopping, Y’all.

replica hermes bag 2019 If you’re a serious shopper, you probably already knew that Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th is notorious for dropping prices on big name designers. Where else can you find Stuart Weitzman boots and Balenciaga pieces with major price cuts? Off 5th, of course. It’ no doubt the perfect place for finding those hard-to-find luxury deals. But did you know that you could cop a Hermès bag from the discount site? Yes, it’s true.

replica hermes gypsy bag We’re talking about the most-coveted handbags—like the timeless Kelly and the celebrity-approved Birkin. You can’t even get those coveted handbags from the Hermès website. But somehow Off 5th managed to secure the lust-worthy pieces. We are not asking questions. Instead, let’s just consider it a gift from the fashion gods and shop our favorite pieces below.

replica hermes birkin price If there were a 5th Avenue in Miami, it would be The Design District—only it’d be the artsier, splashier, cooler version. Founded by Craig Robins, who brought Art Basel to Miami, the Design District boasts a mix of fashion, design, art, architecture, and dining. You’ll find all the high-end boutiques like Hermès, Gucci, Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Marni—with many more soon to follow. With all the art installations, outdoor sculptures and artistic storefronts, the Design District is not to be missed.

hermes kelly replica In this 1940s bungalow located in the Design District, you’ll find a mecca for fresh Greek and Turkish cuisine with flavors that won’t fail to please. It’s a charming bit of serenity during all the Basel chaos. Don’t miss the baked feta, spicy chicken kebab, grilled squid or house white sangria. Plus, an edible organic garden is located behind the restaurant, where they harvest their own seasonal ingredients.

hermes replica bags Whether you want your makeup done, a facial or to stock up on your product must-haves, this beautiful boutique has got you covered. The airy space is full of skin-care, hair-care and makeup items from their house label as well as coveted brands like Dr. Sebagh, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Ouai, and Oribe. Unlike at traditional spa days, custom services are designed for busy women on the go.

replica hermes picotin A four-day pop-up curated exclusively for the Miami Design District by Angelo Baque (former Creative Director of Supreme) and photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. Space features installations and workshops geared toward youth from designers Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston. The launch event featured a performance by Zuri Marley, and space itself features shopping, a music listening station and a line full of cool kids waiting at the entrance.

replica hermes bag 2018 A 3-day exhibition curated by Bacardi and Grammy award-winning producer Swizz Beatz designed with an emphasis on work from artists of color and from the Caribbean, who receive 100% of the proceeds from sales of their artworks. Celebs like Alicia Keys, La La Anthony, Angela Simmons, Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne have been in attendance.

birkin replica Expectant mother Khloé Kardashian hasn’t yet talked about her pregnancy publicly, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have strong maternity style. The reality star was spotted leaving a studio in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday in a cozy-looking off-duty street style outfit that almost looks like something her beau, basketball player Tristan Thompson, might wear.

replica hermes side bag Kardashian wore a black sweatshirt with sweatpants and large sunglasses, but it was her arm candy that caught our eye. Instead of showing off her baby bump, Kardashian opted to cover it completely with her olive-colored Hermès Birkin bag.

birkin bag hermes replica An unconventional choice? Perhaps, though because Kardashian hasn’t yet addressed her pregnancy to the general public, it’s a pretty understandable one. She has been blocking her baby bump from view, whether on her sister’s Snapchat or with extravagant fashion choices.

birkin bag replica The search for the fountain of youth usually involves beauty creams and serums that promise to banish fine lines and minimize the appearance of wrinkles overnight. But aging gracefully goes beyond applying a moisturizer before bedtime. The decisions you make in the fashion department can also add unwanted years. But with the right fashion tips—like choosing flattering colors and accessories—you can easily shave off a few years from your look.

replica hermes australia Not sure if your outfit choices are making you look older than you really are? Ahead, you’ll find 12 fashion tips that will work in your favor.No need to commit 100 percent to trends just to look younger. Put your own twist on the latest fashion movements—like Angelina Jolie. Here, she took on the lingerie-inspired trend without actually showing her underwear.

kelly hermes bag replica Something as simple as choosing the right shoe can make you look younger. Stick with designs that elongate your legs for a youthful effect. Look for options with cutouts and open details—like Nicole Kidman’s Chloe Gosselin heels. These designs create the illusion of extra height.

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Khloé Kardashian was back in all black at the airport Tuesday with her baby bump-concealing Hermès Birkin bag in tow.

replica hermes duffle bag The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, landed at LAX and strolled along with a smile in an all-black ensemble of a graphic hooded sweatshirt and shiny leggings that matched her mirrored, oversize shades. She completed her look with a pair of black snow boots and shielded her bump with her olive green Birkin bag.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 Kardashian’s airport walk was just the latest time she sported a black-on-black-on-black look paired with her Birkin bag to cover her bump. Just two weeks ago, the mom-to-be was once again at LAX rocking a similar look, as she made her way in black leggings, a black Saint Pablo sweatshirt, and black snow boots.

The fashionista, who has yet to confirm her pregnancy herself, carried her bag in front of her stomach.

We spy a Khloé-maternity trend.

replica hermes birkin 35 Khloé and her little sis Kylie Jenner are both expecting their first children around the same time next year, and big sis Kim is also expecting a child through surrogacy, so it’s looking like 2018 will shape up to be the year of the Kardashian.

We’re aching to know what’s going to be under the tree at this twosome’s Christmas festivities! From the looks of things, it’s gonna be a good haul.